Ankr Soars 70%: Where Will ANKR Price Go Next?

• Ankr (ANKR) price has surged 70% in the past week, as positive news and partnerships with Microsoft and Tencent have helped double its value in the last 30 days.
• The breakout to highs of $0.058 was triggered by Microsoft’s announcement of a partnership with the blockchain platform, which will offer node services through Azure Marketplace.
• Tencent Cloud has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ankr to jointly work on “suite of blockchain API services” and power Web3 growth.

Ankr Price Surges After Major Partnerships

Ankr (ANKR) price has seen an impressive surge over the past week, rising 70%. The token’s value has more than doubled on the 30-day timeframe, thanks to positive news and two major partnerships: one with Microsoft and another with Tencent Cloud.

Microsoft Partnership for Node Services

The breakthrough to highs of $0.058 was triggered by Microsoft’s announcement that it will be partnering up with Ankr in order to offer node services via its Azure Marketplace. As covered by CoinJournal, this agreement between both companies will make it easier for enterprises and organizations to access blockchain data.

Memorandum of Understanding With Tencent Cloud

In addition to Microsoft’s deal, Ankr also revealed that they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tencent Cloud in order to create a “suite of blockchain API services” that could help drive Web3 growth forward. This news contributed greatly towards ANKR’s recent bullish momentum, as prices are currently 40% higher than when the large candle occurred on Tuesday.

What is Next For ANKR?

As of 13:30 ET on 22 February, ANKR prices are trading around $0.049 – up 6% from Coinbase – near a key resistance line that could potentially see it retest the $0.058 supply wall or move even further if bulls break out from the current resistance level successfully enough. The weekly RSI indicators are currently looking bullish too so there may be further room for upward movement soon if things continue along their present trajectory.


Overall, these major partnerships have been incredibly beneficial for Ankr (ANKR), helping it climb steadily since August 2022 until today’s impressive run that shows no signs yet of slowing down any time soon given all recent developments coming into play within the space right now.