Astar 2.0: Unlock Web3 Mass Adoption for Billions of Users

• Astar Network unveils the ‘Astar 2.0 Vision’ to drive Web3 mass adoption by aligning its tokenomics, organizational structure and technology pillars.
• The vision consists of revamping the current tokenomics, Astar Link for connecting fragmented layers of blockchain industry and Startale Labs & Astar Foundation as organizations supporting Astar Network.
• This is intended to help developers build unstoppable dApps with scalability, security and interoperability for billions of users worldwide.

Astar Network Unveils ‚Astar 2.0 Vision‘

Astar Network has announced its long-term plan to bring Web3 mass adoption to billions of users worldwide with the unveiling of its ‘Astar 2.0 Vision’. The integrated platform aims to provide developers with all the tools, resources and support they need to build unstoppable dApps that are scalable, secure and interoperable.


The network’s tokenomics will be revamped in order to better serve all participants from users and builders to enterprise partners. Through an extensive consultation with the community in forums, the Astar Foundation works towards creating a sustainable future for the network growth and success .

Astar Link

The newly introduced ‚Astart Link‘ seeks to bridge different ecosystems together by providing customizable options and tailored SDKs that enable limitless solutions from gaming to enterprises applications.

Organizations Supporting Astar Network

Startale Labs is dedicated towards providing users and businesses with Web3 infrastructure in Japan which can be used for building innovative products that promote widespread adoption of Web3 technologies. Meanwhile,the main contributor and maintainer of AStar is the AStar Foundation which helps it achieve its mission of empowering billions of people around the world through blockchain innovations .


Through this new initiative , AStar aims at bringing revolutionary changes in terms of scalability , security ,interoperability while aiming at achieving Web3 mass adoption . By integrating tokenomics ,organizational structures along with key technology pillars ,the platform finally hopes for unlocking diverse use cases across industries .