Blockchain Pioneer Acquires Fashion House Blk DNM – Revolutionizing the Industry

• ChromaWay, a blockchain technology company based in Stockholm, announces its acquisition of the iconic Swedish-American fashion brand BLK DNM.
• This marks the first use of blockchain technology in fashion and will enable BLK DNM to become a pioneer of ‘connected fashion’ – the use of technology to create community and responsibility within fashion.
• The first tranche of technological innovations built on ChromaWay’s ‘Chromia’ relational blockchain will be revealed ahead of BLK DNM’s F/W 2023 collections reveal.

Blockchain Pioneer Acquires International Fashion House Blk DNM

Stockholm’s headquartered blockchain technology company ChromaWay today reveals its acquisition of the iconic Swedish-American fashion brand BLK DNM. The acquisition aligned with the recent relaunch of BLK DNM as a modern, community-driven fashion house and marks ChromaWay’s first acquisition of an established company for the purpose of implementing real-world decentralization: i.e., creating positive behavioral change, fairer access, and more control by users within traditional industries.

Pioneering ‚Connected Fashion‘

ChromaWay’s blockchain capabilities will be integrated into BLK DNM’s strategy and products, becoming the first meaningful use of tech in fashion. In pioneering ‘connected fashion‘, BLK DNM will seek to inspire more responsible behaviors in the industry.

First Tech Innovations Announced Ahead Of Collection Reveal

The first innovations to be revealed in BLK DNM’s F/W 2023 include software- and hardware-based innovations built into their collections underpinned by an ethical and communal concept called ‚connected fashion‘.

Toni Collin & Henrik Hjelte Comment On Acquisition

Toni Collin, CEO of BLKD NM commented that this is a natural fit for their aspirations to transform the fashion industry while Henrik Hjelte, CEO and Co-founder at ChromaWay added that they are looking forward to seeing how far they can go together with connected fashion initiatives using their blockchain capabilities.


This exciting announcement from ChromaWay shows that they are serious about transforming traditional industries through decentralization using their blockchain capabilities; while this is only their first venture into this field it is likely to have significant impacts both on the way we think about connectedness within fashion as well as inspiring other major players in traditional industries to consider similar opportunities with decentralized technologies such as blockchain.