Investors Beware: Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Discount Narrows to 10-Month Low

• The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has traded at a discount to its net asset value and this discount has recently narrowed.
• Potential conversion of the fund to an ETF could see the discount narrow further, however GBTC investors have been caught out by alternative Bitcoin investment vehicles.
• Institutional regulatory climate in the US remains uncertain and it is unclear when spot ETFs will become available.


The recent filing of a spot Bitcoin ETF by Blackrock has caused a surge in the price of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), with GBTC outperforming its underlying asset, Bitcoin, over the past three weeks. However, investors remain frustrated as alternative Bitcoin investment vehicles have come online and demand for GBTC has dried up. Meanwhile, despite the narrowing of its discount to its net asset value to 10-month low, GBTC remains difficult for investors due to institutional regulations and lack of liquidity.

Discount Narrowing

Despite recent market volatility resulting from Blackrock’s ETF filing announcement, the Grayscale trust’s discount has narrowed to its smallest mark since September – now below 30%. This comes as investors bet that it is more likely to be converted into an ETF which would lead to a significant narrowing of the discount due to increased liquidity options.

Investors Left Frustrated

Unfortunately for current GBTC holders, they have been caught out by alternative cryptocurrency investment vehicles such as exchange traded products (ETPs) and others which offer similar exposure but with greater ease of access than GBTC does in its current form. Furthermore, steep fees associated with holding GBTC also lead many potential buyers away from investing in it.

Institutional Regulatory Climate Uncertainty

The entire situation surrounding GBTC represents the mess that is the institutional regulatory climate in regards to cryptocurrencies within the United States at present; while spot ETFs are expected eventually become available it is still unclear when this will happen exactly and therefore what impact these funds may have on existing institutions such as Grayscale’s trust.


In conclusion, despite some recent positive signs regarding performance and discounts narrowing slightly compared with last year’s levels, there is still uncertainty around whether or not traditional institutions such as GBTC will survive competition from newer forms of cryptocurrency investment vehicles once spot ETFs arrive on scene. Until then however investors should remain wary about investing in these trusts given current market conditions.