Kalima Secures $10M, Announces Private Sale and DEX Listing

• Kalima has entered into an agreement with ABO Digital, a private alternative funding group for US$10 million.
• Kalima is focused on building web3 enterprise and data governance applications with a focus on IoT data.
• The KLX token sale will be held on July 19th via Pinksale and it will be available for trading on Uniswap.

Kalima Secures $10 Million Investment Commitment

Kalima has secured a commitment of US$10 million from ABO Digital, a private alternative funding group based in the Bahamas and Dubai. This significant partnership will enable Kalima to enhance its IoT blockchain solutions for industrial companies and bolster strategic partnerships within the IoT and blockchain ecosystem.

Focusing On Web3 Enterprise Applications

Kalima is an ecosystem that allows businesses, developers, and startups to build web3 enterprise and data governance applications with a focus on IoT (Internet of Things) data in order to solve real-world problems. Kalima CEO André Legendre said: “The funding commitment from ABO Digital marks a significant milestone for Kalima, which plans to utilize the funds to further innovate and refine IoT solutions to revolutionize industries and drive digital transformation.“

Private Sale Of KLX Token

Kalima also announced a 24-hour private sale of its KLX token on Pinksale. The event provisionally takes place on July 19th. The KLX token can be used as a general purpose utility token to pay for transactions and access blockchain services on the Kalima protocol. To support the growth of the KLX token, Kalima Blockchain Governance created several proposals including bridging the KLX token from Polygon to the Ethereum network and proposing the 24-hour token sale on Pinksale.

Trading On Uniswap

Once the private sale event ends, KLX will be made available for trading on Uniswap where it will have an established KLX-ETH pair in order to facilitate trading between people without having any third party involved.


This agreement between Kaliam and ABO Digital marks an important milestone in their development as well as their plans towards revolutionizing industries through enhanced technology solutions related to IoT (Internet of Things). By facilitating this 24 hour private sale as well as making it available for trading via Uniswap, they are aiming at increasing its accessibility among those looking forward towards investing in blockchain projects or using them for daily transactions.