Revolutionize Your Web3 Apps with Xandeum’s Scalable Storage Layer

• Xandeum, a trailblazing blockchain startup, will launch on July 30th at 11:00am PT.
• Xandeum is creating an External Global Grouped Storage (EGGS) solution for smart contracts, enabling storage-enabled Web3 apps.
• Xandeum is offering an incentivized purchase model with rebates of up to 50%.

Xandeum’s Grand Launch

Xandeum, a trailblazing blockchain startup committed to accelerating humanity’s transition to decentralized control, announces its highly anticipated launch on July 30, 2023, at 11:00 am PT.

Xandeum’s Mission

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Xandeum’s mission is to empower collective self-determination by creating a scalable, blockchain-based storage layer for smart contracts. This solution adds a new dimension to the decentralized web and pioneers a new era of storage-enabled Web3 apps (sedApps).

Incentivized Purchase Model

In a departure from the traditional model of seeking venture capital, Xandeum prioritizes community control by selling node licenses directly to its users. The grand launch will introduce an incentivized purchase model with rebates of up to 50%. Already having sold over 2,809 nodes for proceeds surpassing $1.9 million under the prior brand name Bitoku., this follows Xandeum’s track record of success.

Roadmap Post Launch

Post-launch, Xandeum will roll out an incentivized Devnet on August 15th followed by a Testnet in the fall and an ICO of the XAND token in November before beta version of the mainnet which is scheduled for 2024.


Xendeum is looking forward to further expanding and innovating as they open their market up to their community through their incentivized purchase model. With this revolutionary project paving way for fully fledged Web 3 apps leveraging advanced blockchain technology and revolutionary storage solutions they are sure to make big waves in the industry come July 30th!